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Four Reasons Why Corporate Accelerators Might Be Even More Important Now

Brett Calhoun makes the case that in a time of no-code development & high quality online founder guidance available for free, the age of the general accelerator may be coming to an end — simply put, it’s hard for general accelerators to offer startup founders sufficient value for the equity cost.  He might be right!  […]

The Three Things Open Innovation Needs to Work

Dan Toma on Open Innovation at TechSauce

Reflections Following TechSauce Global Summit 2023 About two months ago I had the pleasure to host a panel discussion on the topic of open innovation at the 2023 TechSauce Global Summit in Bangkok. Given the prestige of the TechSauce stage, my panelists’ profiles were equally remarkable as they were diverse: Chen Gunayou (Deputy Director for  […]

Do you Need Open Innovation?

Innovation-led growth is becoming a strategic imperative for many businesses around the world. But depending on context, different companies need to make different decisions about how to achieve innovation-led growth.  Some companies might focus entirely on internal (closed) innovation.  Others might throw in the towel on internal innovation and do open innovation only, sourcing entirely […]

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Dan Toma, Esther Gons and I (Diana Joseph) are cooking up something new!  Pleased to share our new project:  Open Innovation Works, the 3rd in Esther & Dan’s series along with The Corporate Startup (with Tendayi Viki) and Innovation Accounting.   For us, open innovation is an imperative at this volatile time.  Large firms need more […]